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revive's house of distorted dreams coming....eventually


so first off no the whole sarah suyu...thing isn't cancelled and no im not cancelling this project either (in fact this one will be finished sometime in the coming days cause i actually have help with this one).the whole sarah suyu thing got to big and overwhelming to the point that i had to shelf it because i felt intimidated by it (that and it was gonna start costing me money i dont have due to all the stuff it requires) hopefully i can bring it back in the near future but as for now it will stay shelfed and this project will be worked on


so things happened that kinda puts this 100 page site into a bit of a pickle such as my computer yet again killed itself but i kinda have access to my sister's computer i say kinda cause well im only on it when she's not here i am working on getting a more stable and somewhat better replacement for it but im not sure when that will happen. but anyway, in the midst of this chaos i have been working on a checklist and learning the magic witch craft that is laTeX (kinda) and yeah thus far its looking like i can actually complete a project for once yAy. i dont exactly know when i'll be able to work on this site with the checklist i created but its happening i swear.also idk why the music isnt working so thats a thing.